9 mile walk to work and a double loop

We have a rather good system at The Castle Course whereby we phone in to a recorded message to pick up our times for the next day. And on Saturday after two rounds getting drenched on The Old I was looking forward to a wee rest and lie in on Sunday, as Matt my caddiemaster now knows that I can’t get a bus from Crail on Sunday before 10am. However he had forgotten. I was booked for 9.30am.
Now I am fed up getting a taxi in as the price seems to escalate everytime I take it. So I thought I’d do the obvious thing and walk the 9 miles in. And I was lucky as it was a lovely morning, a fresh breeze and sun glistening over the deep golden fields down to the waking Firth. I made Kingsbarns in forty minutes, Pitmilly just after the hour, Falside Smiddy, Boarhills and Balmashie in the next half, and I surprised myself by reaching the hill at Kingask at well under the two hour mark.
I was out with Cologne Tom who was in great form as usual. We both agreed half way round that one would be enough today. He had also done a double in the rain yesterday. Anyway walking up to the 15th Graeme, our supervisor, drove up in a buggy asking if I could oblige by caddying for a lone American who had just pitched up. And of course I agreed, being the obliging type.
Rick had done twenty five years in the railroads and was a fast talker, fast player and poker player. We sped round in three hours and I was reasonably pleased with myself and did indeed think there is life in the old dog yet.

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